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License Agreement for the wPDFControl and wRTF2PDF

Version 2 and Version 3

Copyright (C) 2003-2009 by WPCubed GmbH Germany


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*** General


The  software  supplied  may be used by one person on as many computer systems  as that person uses. Group programming projects making use of this  software must purchase a copy of the software for each member of

the  group.


Contact  WPCubed  GmbH  for  "Team" and  "Site" licensing  agreements. This documentation and the library are provided "as  is"  without  warranty  of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and/or  suitability  for  a  particular  purpose. The user assumes the entire risk of any damage caused by this software.


In no event shall Julian Ziersch or WPCubed GmbH be liable for damage of  any  kind, loss of data, loss of profits, interruption of business or  other pecuniary losses arising directly or indirectly from the use

of the program.


Any liability of the seller will be exclusively limited to replacement of the product or refund of purchase price.


*** Demo Version


The  demo  version  of  the  library may only be used to evaluate this product.  The  projects  which were created using the demo version may not  be  distributed.  The  demo version will show a nag screen - this makes  also the DLL much larger. The demo also includes the RTF engine RTF2PDF - which is not included in the standard wPDFControl.DLL!


The demo displays a nag screen and prints a watermark.


*** wPDFControl Standard License


This  License enables you to use our PDF engine technology in all your products  and  distribute it to your customers without the need to pay any  royalties.  Important: You may not distribute any of the included source  files  or  object  files  or  use  the  technology in a module (ActiveX,  COM,  VCL ...) which can be used by other developers in any

kind of programming language or developing environment or which can be embedded  into  other  programs. This also  prohibits the use our technology in universal PDF creation tools like a virtual printer driver or a universal RTF to PDF converter which is used from the command line.


The  DLL  may  only be used to create PDF files from the data processed  by  the same application or application environment. Unless you  have  purchased  the  server  license  you  may  not use the wPDF technology  in  any programs (services, CGIs, ActiveServers ...) which will  work  on  Internet servers to create PDF files to be distributed

over  the  WEB.  As  "Creator" of the PDF file always "wPDF by WPCubed GmbH" will be written to the created PDF file.


Please  note  that  you  have  to  send  you license key to the DLL to activate it. Please use wpdfSetLicenseKey()


*** wPDFControl Server License


In  Addition to the standard license you may also use the PDF creation technology in any programs (services, CGIs, ActiveServers ...) which will work on one Internet server to create PDF files to be distributed over the WEB.





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