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PDFControl ist the main component of PDFControl.NET. It contains a multiude of properties to change the way PDF is created and makes events available to be used in your C# or VB.NET application.


To use it you should specify a file name it its property 'FileName'. This is the file which will be created when you execute BeginDoc().


All properties have descriptive comments. The "flags" properties PDFMode, PDFCoptions and PDFEncryption will show a dropdown editor to make it easy to select the items you need.



net_props_1 net_props_2


In addition there is the property 'Canvas' which is a true 'Graphics' object to be used with your .NET drawing code.





The event 'OnNamedEvent' will be triggered for all events under 'No active page' and 'PDF page is open'.


Esspecially useful is 'AfterStartPage' to draw a watermark on each page. This can also be used when you export and RTF file using RTF2PDF:

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