TextDynamic OCX

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This is the perfect replacement for the standard VB richtextbox. It can be used to edit database memo fields and also to write letters or documents. It can also be used to combine database records to be printed as one form (mail merge, reporting).


The TextDynamic OCX can be used with ease in MS Access®. Without having to write much code you can add a full featured word processor to your data base - you can use it to edit letters, to merge texts, to create PDF files.


In this chapter we describe the few properties which are handled differently in the OCX than in the .NET interface. This are the properties DLLName, InitScripXML, Text, Text2, Readonly and Readonly2.


Please modify the properties in MS Access only at runtime - it will save the value only after the control was inserted. (Apparently IPersistPropertyBag interface is not called later)



If You see the message "License Information cannot be found" the LIC file was not installed to the directory of the OCX.

We included a copy in the directory TextDynamic\System



Important VB6 note:


When using the interfaces of TextDynamic, especially CurrPar,

please first create a variable and assign the value to it.


  Dim currpar As IWPParInterface

  Set currpar = ActiveForm.rtfText.currpar


Otherwise You will get the error "Block variable not defined".

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