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In contrast to the the plenty reporting applications and tools available already, our reporting engine is based on a word processor. This means the reporting template is just a text document, so is the output.


This makes the output completely editable after the creation. It is exceptionally useful to edit the output after the creation but prior to the print to quickly check the accuracy of the text, for example if names are written correctly.


Using the new "token to template conversion" You can use a document as input, simply add a few tags (<<..>>) and you can create an invoice or a list at once. This makes it very easy to convert existing reports into reporting templates. It is not required to explore the more advanced reporting features of TextDynamic to do so, just add 2 evens and you are done. One event is responsible to select the data sets (build queries) and advance the dataset cursor, the other event is responsible to retrieve the field data. Usually a few lines of code will do.


Only this two events needs to be used:




RTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server now also comes as reporting edition which can work with the same templates.









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