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TextDynamic optionally supports optional integrated spell check.


A) Integrated spell check


This option adds a spell checking feature to the component. It is possible to locate spelling errors using a popup dialog and also to highlight misspelled words with red underlines.

Also included is a dictionary compiler to create new dictionaries from word list files.


The method Memo.TextCommand(7, ParamA, 0) can be used to control the spell check.


The following values are allowed for ParamA:

 0 =Start SpellCheck (using the optional internal spellchecker),

 1 = Start Thesuarus (reserved), 2=Start SpellAsYouGo (internal or external),

 3 = Stop SpellAsYouGo, (internal or external),

 4 = Show SpellCheckSetup (internal only).


The following "wpa" Actions manage spell check:


This action names can be used with wpaProcess()

"DiaSpellOptions" - show the options dialog

"Spellcheck" - start the spell check

"SpellAsYouGo" - can be called with parameter "1" to switch the online spell check (curly underlines) ON or with parameter "0" to switch it OFF. If no parameter is used, the state will be toggled.


Interface SpellCtrl


You can use the interface IWPSpell to load dictionaries from certain directories, select the language which is currently used and load or save the current setup to registry or INI file. In the IWPSpell topic you will find some sample code.


B) Custom spell check


"Custom spell check" allows it to use an external data base with words to verify the spelling. We recommend to use the integrated spell check methods instead, because they guarantee high performance and compact dictionaries, but if you need to use an existing spell check solution, TextDynamic allows this, too.


Note: If "custom" spell check is enabled, the internal spell check feature is disabled!

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