Where to use TextDynamic?

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Where you can use TextDynamic™:

In .NET WinForm applications (as assembly written in C# - DLL).
Use the control in Visual Studio 2003, VS2005, VS2008, VS2010, VS2013 ...
In Visual Basic™ 6 applications (as ActiveX™ - OCX)
In Visual FoxPRO™ to enter formatted field into databases, create mailings, print.
In C++ Applications - call one function of thew DLL and you have a fully featured editor window. This also works in Delphi and other IDS. COM is not required!


Do You need server based document creation?


The component wRTF2PDF / TexDynamic Server is based on our word processing component TextDynamic plus the PDF engine wPDFControl. It does everything what wPDFControl and much of what TextDynamic does. It has been optimized to work on a server, or webserver. It does not print but it can produce PDF and other file formats fast and effectively.

Please see our demo web server www.rtf-net.com.

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