wPDFControl/RTFtoPDF Demo

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The setup installs a demo application which can be used to test the control:





On page 2 you can specify the engine dll and, with registered version, set your license keys



The Options grid is displayed when you click on PDF Options.




You can specify integer values for certain properties, for example a "1" in the field FontMode will embed all fonts.



Click on "EMF to PDF" to load an EMF file and export it to PDF




We integrated a simple print to HDC (Device Handle) demo. You can change the resolution and the text.




RTF to PDF conversion is only useable if you use the licensed RTF2PDF DLL or if you use the wPDFControl DEMO version. Here you can export a RTF, HTM or WPT file:




The editor used on this page can be licensed as product TextDynamic (.NET and OCX, C++).









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