Welcome to WPTools

WPTools a suite of components with a combination of word processing and preview features you will not find available in any other single component package.


The WPTools data model supports a separation between data and editing logic. This makes it possible to attach multiple editors to one text object in order to view different parts of the same text. This feature can be used to create a split view of the same text or, even more interesting, to link different editors to specific pages. This feature can also be used to edit text paths in DTP applications. Further more it is possible to use a single editor with different documents which can be switched.
WPTools 9 allows to create very modern looking applicatins, even with Delphi 5.


If you have a newer Delphi version, you only need to add one unit "WPICONS" and the TWPToolBar will use the new SVG based icons. Those icons will be rendered on demand for the required resolution from a thoroughly designed SVG source.



If you have licensed the bundle or "premium" edition you can use the new TWPTableProducer component to create tables within the document by my merging in data from a database or other data source.



WPTools 9 also supports "handles" to mark and move the cursor position and the start and the end of a selection:


 To learn about the new RTF Engine please browse to the class TParagraph which contains much of the functionality.

The class TWPRTFDataCursor is resposible for cursor movement, selection etc - although the memo control offers the usual procedcures as well.
Of equal importance is the TWPRTFDataCollection which actually hosts all parts of one document, such as the body text and all header and footer text. The text parts are stored in collection items of the class TWPRTFDataBlock.

The concept allows it that several TWPRichText (inherits of TWPCustomRtfEdit) memo objects use the same TWPRTFDataCollection. Normally you will use the TWPRTFStorage component to initialized the connected memo objects. The same class can be also used to create a chain of editors with each editor showing a different page of the document (text path).

The label control TWPRichTextLabel which is included in WPTools is very powerful, too. It can be used whenever you need to display formatted text and need a control, which does not require a windows handle. It now also supports different layout modes and can display a page frame.

WPTools also includes a TWPPreview component which will display the text which is loaded by a different TWPRichText memo control. It also includes a very powerful preview dialog (TWPPreviewDlg). The support for paragraph styles is very powerful and ready to use, due to the included dialogs TWPOneStyleDlg and TWPStyleDlg.

Main data object classes in WPTools: