property ViewOptions

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The following values are possible:


wpShowGridlines - draw a gray line for table borders which would mbe otherwise invisible


wpDisableHotStyles - disable the hot styles (or hover styles) which can be activated for hyperlinks or fields.


wpShowCR - show a clip0046 symbol at the end of a paragraph


wpShowFF - displays clip0047 at the end of a paragraph when the next paragraph starts on a new page


wpShowNL - displays an arrow for a new line


wpShowSPC - shows a dot for the code #32 (SPACE)


wpShowHardSPC - shows a dot for the code #160 (non breaking space)


wpShowTAB - show an arrow in the place of tabstops (suppressed if fillsigs are active)


wpShowParCalcNames - Display the names assigned using property WPAT_PAR_NAME


wpShowParCalcCommands - Display the formulas assigned to paragraphs and cells.


wpShowParNames- Display the names assigned using property TParagraph.Name


wpNoEndOfDocumentLine - display a line at the end of the document if not in pagegap mode. Ignore the typo 'No'.


wpHideSelection - Always hides the selection


wpHideSelectionNonFocussed - hides thenselection when editor does not have the focus


wpShowPageNRinGap - displays a number or any other text provided by event OnPageGapGetText either at the right border or in a box under the page


wpDrawFineUnderlines - always draw thin underlines


wpDontGrayHeaderFooterInLayout - do not shaed the header and footer texts


wpInfiniteTextArea - makes it possible to show a text as if it is infinite. This can be used for a scroller control, for example to show news or credits. To scroll change the property TopOffset in a timer event.


wpDontPaintPageFrame - with page layout modes, do not draw a frame around the page


wpCenterPaintPages - center the page horizontally in the window. This is useful for preview windows.


wpDrawPageMarginLines - draw dotted lines at the page margins.


wpDontDrawSectionMarker - do not draw the arrow which shows where a new section starts.


wpDrawHeaderFooterLines - draw gray lines around header/footer areas.


wpUseOwnDoubleBuffer - Usually a shared double buffer is used for all editors to limit the memory use - unless thumbnailmode has been activated or this flag is active.



wpDontDisplayScrollPageHint - Do not display this default page number hint when pressing the scrollbar handle. The hint can be modified by changing the global string variable WPPageHintStr. The default is ' %d / %d '.                        



wpDontDrawObjectAnchors - Do not draw the anchor object of a free movable image or text object.