property ViewOptionsEx

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The following values are possible:


Unless wpDontDrawObjectAnchors was used for select objects the anchor will be drawn

with this option the anchor will be always drawn at the position of the anchor character:




wpAutoThumbnailMode - when in thumbnail mode, page numbers are automatically displayed


wpDisableAllSpecialAttributes - disable, hyperlink, field ... color and underlines


wpDisableCharacterStyles - disable the character styles defined with RTF \CS tag


wpDisableColorInTableOfContents - TableOfContents will be all black, like in MS Word


wpDontExtendSelectionToRightMargin - If a complete line is selected, do not extend the selection


wpInvertActiveRow - Invert the cells of the current row


wpInvertActiveRowExceptForProtected - Do not invert protected cells


wpShowCurrentCellAsSelected - Displays current cell to be selected. Disables current selection


wpShowCurrentRowAsSelected - Displays current table row to be selected. Disables current selection


wpShowCurrentTableAsSelected - Displays current table to be selected. Disables current selection


wpCursorPreview - Draw a dotted line where the cursor will be placed when the user moves the mouse over the text.


wpUnderlineWebLinks - Underline http, https and www


wpHideParBordersBeforAndAfterPageBreaks - Hide borders at page breaks


wpShowColumns -  Only for WPTools "Premium": draw rectangles a round columns (are not printed!)


wpShowColumnCenterLine -  Only for WPTools "Premium":  - draw a line in the middle between all columns


wpDontHideUnderlineAtLineEnd - Don't hide underline under spaces in justified text at line end


wpDisable2PassPaint - Disable the 2 pass paint system which first paints character background and then the text


wpDontClearPageBackground - do not draw page background. This is usefull if you paint your own in OnPaintWatermark


wpPaintThemedBackground - use the VCL theme engine to draw background.


wpPaintPageShade - cannot be combined with  wpUseThemedBackground


wpInstantDisplayAfterLoad - After LoadFromStream the file is displayed at once, not in the next idle cycle. This is also useful for DB control. We recomend to use this method combined with optimized loading of linked images. If linked images should be loaded on-demand in OnTextObjectPaint, this flag allows very fast scrolling to databases.


wpDisableAutomaticImageAntialiasing - Use this to avoid blur


wpInteractiveFORMTextObjects - Automatically handle the MouseDown event for the FORMCHECKBOX object


wppNoBlueRectsAroundFootnotesWhileEditing - WPTools Premium: Do not draw a blue dotted framne around footnotes


wpDualPageViewStartsLeft - When dual page view is used, do not start on right side if this flag is active.


wppInteractiveCursor - activate movable markers for the cursor.




wppInteractiveSelectionMarker - activate movable markers for the selection.




wpDontExpandHighlightIfFullCellIsSelected - if activated the cell will not be completely highlighted if the complete text inside a cell is selected.