Parameters for Bands and Groups

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1. Name - predefined header/footer names or one of the possible group names


2. Displayname name in " " - must be second position


3. Option +-

+ff  - start a new page after the band/group

-ff - start a new page before the band/group


Only header and footer: ("<<:HEADER>>)

+afterstretch - header/footer used after a streched band

+between - use band between records

-start - don't use header at start

-end - don't use footer at end


Only Data Bands ("<<:DATA>>)

-stretch - deactivate stretching (default = on)

+keep - keep this paragraph together with next

+newtable - start a new table


4. Condition ?...=...

The following conditions to use a band are possible:

=null  - field must be null

#null  - field must not be null

=zero  - field must be zero

#zero  - field must not be zero

="..." - the field must have a certain value

#"..." - the field must be different to a certain value





Use IWPFieldContents.ExecStrCommand to tell the engine that a field is null or zero.


5. Formula - must be last option



It is used as start condition in a group start and a continue condition if used in a group end token.


Any text in the paragraph after the closing '>>' will be ignored as comment!

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