Token to Template Conversion

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If you use the token to template conversion you can edit the reporting template with an editor such as MS Word.


The template is loaded into TextDynamic. In this control the template can be further edited with the additional convenience of syntax highlighting and on demand converted into a "true" reporting template. (The latter uses nested paragraphs to represent groups and special paragraph types for bands. Fields are not text based but use objects instead.).


Editing is not possible in the non visual RTF2PDF TextDynamic Server - we include an external application which offers the syntax highlighting.


If you used the mail merge feature before and have documents with embedded merge fields those can be easily used a reporting templates as well! It is also possible to convert an existing report into a template.


Start the Syntax Highlighter

Memo.TextCommandStr ID 16 - Syntax Highlighting


Start the Token to Template conversion:


Use Report.ConvertTokens or


Memo.TextCommandStr ID 17 - Token To Template Conversion



Note: The codes <<, >>, : and # can be customized in the above two methods!



General Syntax - Fields, Bands, Groups

Parameters for Fields, Parameters for Bands and Groups

Example Template

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