ExecStrCommand Method

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procedure ExecStrCommand(CommandID: Integer; param: Integer; const StrParam: WideString);


CommandID = 1:

Set the state of the field using the parameter 'param' inside the event OnFieldGetText. The State is used for band conditions of the integrated reporting.

 0: Default value

 1: Field is not known (default if checking field and band conditions, i.e. ?field=null )

 2: Field is defined and NULL

 3: Field is defined and ZERO

 4: Field is defined (set this value unless it is null or zero)

Example - Simulate certain conditions:

private void wpdllInt2_OnFieldGetText(object Sender,

   int Editor, string FieldName, IWPFieldContents Contents)


          // test the conditions

          if (!Contents.IsMergefield)


              if (FieldName == "ISNULL")

                   Contents.ExecStrCommand(1, 2, "");

              else if (FieldName == "ISZERO")

                   Contents.ExecStrCommand(1, 3, "");

              else if (FieldName == "ISUNDEF")

                   Contents.ExecStrCommand(1, 1, "");



                   Contents.ExecStrCommand(1, 4, ""); // Known

                   Contents.StringValue = "123";


           } else




This conditions can be used inside band tokens like in this simplified sample (See Token to Template Conversion):




Other CommandIDs:

This method can be extended for custom manipulations of the inserted text - if you have a wish please let us know.

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