Code for the default menu items

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 Dim ChildForm As New WordsChildForm1

           ChildForm.MdiParent = Me

           ChildForm.Text = FileName


          Dim memo As WPDynamic.IWPMemo

           memo = ChildForm.WpdllInt1.Memo

          If (memo Is Nothing) Or _

              Not memo.LoadFromFile(FileName, False, "AUTO") Then

               MessageBox.Show("Cannot load " + FileName)


          End If




 If Not WpdllInt1 Is Nothing Then

              Dim memo As WPDynamic.IWPMemo

               memo = ChildForm.WpdllInt1.Memo

              If Not memo.SaveToFile(FileName, False, "AUTO") Then

                   MessageBox.Show("Cannot write " + FileName)

              End If

          End If




       If Not WpdllInt1 Is Nothing Then

           Dim memo As WPDynamic.IWPMemo

           memo = WpdllInt1.Memo


       End If


Copy:        memo.CopyToClipboard()


Paste:        memo.PasteFromClipboard()


Undo:        memo.TextCursor.Undo()


Redo:        memo.TextCursor.Redo()


SelectAll:        memo.TextCursor.SelectAll()


PrintPreview:        memo.ShowDialog(WPDynamic.DialogID.Preview, "", "")


Print:        memo.ShowDialog(WPDynamic.DialogID.Preview, "", "")



Still missing is some code to update the enabled state of the standard buttons and menu items. Since the UpdateGUI event gets a bitfield parameter with the required states we only need a unitilty methiod which processes this bits. We use a public sub procedure in the MDI parent and call it from the UpdateGUI event on the child form.


In the MDI Parent:


  Public Sub UpdateStandardActionState(ByVal StateFlags As Integer)

      ' Modified Flag

       SaveToolStripButton.Enabled = ((StateFlags And 1) <> 0)

       SaveAsToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = ((StateFlags And 1) <> 0)

      ' Inserting mode (update item 3 in status bar)

      If ((StateFlags And 2) <> 0) Then

           StatusStrip.Items(2).Text = "INS"


           StatusStrip.Items(2).Text = ""

      End If

      ' UNDO State

       UndoToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = ((StateFlags And 4) <> 0)

      ' REDO State

       RedoToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = ((StateFlags And 8) <> 0)

      ' Copy, Cut - if Text is selected

       CopyToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = ((StateFlags And 16) <> 0)

       CutToolStripMenuItem.Enabled = ((StateFlags And 16) <> 0)

  End Sub


In the MDI Child:


  Private Sub WpdllInt1_OnUpdateGUI(....) Handles WpdllInt1.OnUpdateGUI



       WordsMDIParent1.StatusStrip.Items(0).Text = Convert.ToString(PageNr) _

          + "/" + Convert.ToString(PageCount)

       WordsMDIParent1.StatusStrip.Items(1).Text = Convert.ToString(LineNr)

  End Sub

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