Group 6 : wpViewOptions

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Group 6 : Change the way the text is displayed in the editor. Also see ViewOptionsEx.


If you use a split screen editor both editors can use different modes.


usage: Memo.SetBProp(6, X, -1) to deactivate, Memo.SetBProp(6, X, 1) to activate.


0: wpShowGridlines - show the grid lines for tables

1: wpDisableHotStyles - do not use any fly over effects for links

2: wpShowCR - display "¶" symbol - also see wpShowCRButNotInCells.

3: wpShowFF - display symbol for hard page breaks

4: wpShowNL - display symbol for line breaks Char(10)

5: wpShowSPC - display dots for spaces

6: wpShowHardSPC - display dots for hard spaces Char(160)

7: wpShowTAB - display arrows for tabstops

8: wpShowParCalcNames // Display the names assigned using property WPAT_PAR_NAME

9: wpShowParCalcCommands // Display the formulas

10: wpShowParNames // Display the names assigned using property TParagraph.Name

11: wpNoEndOfDocumentLine // If enabled a line will be displayed in normal mode at the bottom. (Ignore the "no")

12: wpHideSelection // Selection possible but not displayed

13: wpHideSelectionNonFocussed // selection not displayed when not focussed

14: wpHideSelectionNonFocussedAndInactive // Selection not displayed if not active (not connected to toolbar)

15: wpTraditionalMisspellMarkers [default] Draw "Word like" curly underlines (default)

16: wpDisableMisspellMarkers // Do not draw curly underlines

17: wpShowPageNRinGap // Display a page number between the pages (only when using the page gap mode)

18: wpDrawFineUnderlines // Underlines are always one pixel

19: wpDontGrayHeaderFooterInLayout // header and footer texts are not grayed out. (more: header&footer)

20: wpInfiniteTextArea // When scrolling over the end of the document the start is displayed agaian

21: wpDontPaintPageFrame // Do not draw the rectangle around page

22: wpCenterPaintPages // center the pages in the window horizontally

23: wpUseOwnDoubleBuffer // Usually a shared double buffer is used, this deactivates the caching

24: wpDrawPageMarginLines // mark the page margins on the virtual page

25: wpDontDrawSectionMarker // don't draw an arrow on the left side when a section starts

26: wpDrawHeaderFooterLines // draw a rectangle round header and footer areas

27: wpDontDisplayScrollPageHint // if set, don't display page number hint when using scrollbar

28: wpDontDrawObjectAnchors // do not draw the anchors for a movable object

29: wpShowCRButNotInCells [default] - similar to wpShowCR but don't display "¶" in tables cells


If the second parameter id=-1 and the value =-1 the complete set of flags will be cleared.

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