Group 7 : Webpage Mode

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Group 7 : Format the text using a special routine which is optimized for HTML.


It will not preserve all features which are possible in RTF, such as aligned or movable images.


usage: Memo.SetBProp(7, X, -1) to deactivate, Memo.SetBProp(7, X, 1) to activate.




0 : activate/deactivate the "as webpage" display.


When this mode is activated a different formatting procedure is used to measure the tables more like a webbrowser.  Not all text features are supported in the webpage mode.

RTF2PDF Tip: You can also use RtF2PDF1.Command(1312, 1).


Note: You can use TextCommandStr(6,"..") to enable the provided HTTP DLL to load linked images.


Refine the "as webpage" mode using this flags:


1 : wpNoMinimumWidth - on/off


2 : wpNoMinimumHeight - on/off


reserved for future: 3 : wpLimitToPageWidth - on/off - default on


If the second parameter id=-1 and the value =-1 the complete set of flags will be cleared.



C# Example:

// Activate HTML Formatting

memo.SetBProp(WPDynamic.BPropSel.wpViewOptionsEx, 0, 1);




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