Group 9 : wpFormatOptionsEx

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Group 9 : Modify the formatting routine.


usage: Memo.SetBProp(9, X, -1) to deactivate, Memo.SetBProp(9, X, 1) to activate.


0: wpDontAddExternalFontLeading // When measuring the font height don't add the // value defined for a font: Metrics.tmExternalLeading. This improves compatibility to MS Word

1: wpfKeepTablesInTextArea // If defined avoid that table go into right margin

2: wpKeepTogetherAlwaysNewPage // if : wpfDontBreakTables is used a table which is too large will also create a new page

3: wpKeepTogetherAdjacentTables // When tables are not separated by paragraphs they are kept together as well

4: wpDontUseTablePadding // Do not read the padding of cells from table

5: wpfIgnoreVertAlignment // Switches off the vertical alignment

6: wpfKeepNUsesParImages // When using KeepN paragraph aligned images will be kept on same page as their anchor paragraph.

7: wpDontIgnoreSpacebeforeOnTopOfPage // switch "Word" mode off

8: wpfDontHideParAboveNestedTable

9: wpDontUseRowPadding // Do not read the padding of cells from table row

10: wpDontUseBorderPadding // Do not use the border width to calculate padding

11: wpDontInheritCellAttr // Dont inherit cell attributes from table row and table

12: wpDontUseSPANStyles // Do not use the stalyes of hyperlink and SPAN objects . Speeds up reformat a lot!

13: wpfDisableJustifiedText

14: wpAlwaysContinueBorderAfterCR // Paragraph.SplitAt (= ENTER key in editor) will also copy border attributes to // the new paragraph if the split position is at the end

15: wpNoDefaultParStyles // Disable default paragraph style handling (So you can handle // it yoursel in the OnInitializePar event)!

16: wpfAutoRestartSimpleNumbering // Reset a numbering level after a line which was not numbered.

17: wpfSimpleNumberingPriorityOverOutlines // this only affects numbering which does not use outlines

18: wpfNoAutoDecTabInTable // Do not automatically align to only decimal tabstop in table cells

19: wpfNoTableHeaderRows // Ignore table header

20: wpfNoTableFooterRows // Ignore table footer // Experimental Flags

21: wpAllow_WPAT_NoWrap // If active don't wrap par marked with WPAT_NoWrap

22: wpfMixRTLText // If a paragraph which uses the paprRightToLeft attribute the // western text is not reordered

23: wpfStoreWPObjectsInRTFDataProps // unless this flag is used the TWPObjects will // be stored in the TWPRTFDataCollection and not in the TWPRTFDataProps // Activate User CharStyle

24: wpCharEffectIsUserAttribute // Currently the character attribute WPAT_CharEffect is not used. // It can be used to store custom information. If the flag wpCharEffectIsUserAttribute is used // the RTF engine will ignore this property.

25: wpfIgnoreTrailingEmptyParAtFooter // Empty paragraphs are ignored at´the footer end

25: wpfDontCombineDifferentStylePars // Empty paragraphs are ignored at´the footer end

26: wpfNestedNumberingInTableCells // Empty paragraphs are ignored at´the footer end


27: wpfNestedNumberingInTableCells

28: wpfNumberingControlledByStyles

29: wpfSectionsRestartFootnoteNumbers

30: wpfDontIgnoreKeepNInTable


Note: RTF2PDF uses this default flags

wpfIgnoreKeepN, wpfAvoidWidows, wpfAvoidOrphans, wpUseHyphenation, wpNoMinimumCellPadding, wpDisableAutosizeTables


If the second parameter id=-1 and the value =-1 the complete set of flags will be cleared.


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