Group 8 : wpFormatOptions

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Group 8 : Modify the formatting routine. Also see FormatOptionsEx.


usage: Memo.SetBProp(8, X, -1) to deactivate, Memo.SetBProp(8, X, 1) to activate.


0: wpDisableAutosizeTables // Default - we suggest to enable this flag. Otherwise tables imported from RTF can look wrong

1: wpNoMinimumCellPadding // Do not add a one pixel padding to all cells

2: wpfDontBreakTables // *1) do not break tables at all. Also see : wpKeepTogetherAdjacentTables in FormatOptionsEx

3: wpfDontBreakTableRows // do not break table rows

4: wpDontClipCells // do not clip cells if absolute row heights are used

5: wpfIgnoreMinimumRowheight // Do not use the row height property

6: wpfIgnoreMaximumRowheight // Do not use the row maximum height property

7: wpTableRowIndicator // *2) must be combined with EditOptionsEx : AllowCursorInRow

8: wpfIgnoreKeep // *3) The WPAT_ParKeep property is ignored (do not break par)

9: wpfIgnoreKeepN // The WPAT_ParKeepN property is ignored (do not break adjacent par)

10: wpfKeepOutlineWithNext // Text which uses the WPAT_ParIsOutline property is kept with the next text

11: wpfAvoidWidows // Avoid single lines on old page

12: wpfAvoidOrphans // Avoid single lines on new page

13: wpfCenterOnPageVert // Center text on all pages

14: wpfHangingIndentWithTab // V5: first tab in paragraph jumps to indent first (this always happens if no tabs are set!) // the left indent will be handled as first tabstop not only if the tab is the // first character but also if the text before the tab fits into the first indent. (="Word" like)

15: wpfDontTabToIndentFirst // The oposite to : aFormatOption([wpfHangingIndentWithTab

16: wpJustifySoftLinebreaks // Justify \n

17: wpJustifyHardLinebreaks // Justify \r

18: wpUseHyphenation // Use soft hyphens in the text (inserted with Ctrl + '-')

19: wpFooterMinimumDistanceToText // The footer texts start after the body text and does not keep a certain distance to the text

20: wpShowBookmarkCodes // display bookmark tags

21: wpShowHyperlinkCodes // display hyperlinks tags

22: wpShowSPANCodes // display SPAN tags

23: wpShowInvisibleText // show text which would be otherwise hidden

Experimental flags:

24: wpfHideEmptyParElements // reserved: Can be used when editing HTML files with nested DIV elements

26: wpWriteRightToLeft // activate RTL (right-to-left) writing for the whole document

27: wpAutoWriteRightToLeft // reserved


Troubleshooting flags

25: wpfXMLOutlineMode // Debugging mode: Show paragraph tree similar XML in IE

28: wpUseAbsoluteFontHeight // Calculate the height of the text using the font size alone

29: wpfAlwaysFormatWithScreenRes // .. even if RM600 is defined in WPCtrMemo

30: wpDisableSpeedReformat // format only the current page and the next page on regular input

31: wpDontAdjustFloatingImagePosition // do not adjust image position to keep it on the page


If the second parameter id=-1 and the value =-1 the complete set of flags will be cleared.



*1) Breaking up table rows and tables on different pages can be generally deactivated. If a table does not fit on next page, it will be divided anyway.

*2) When the cursor is at the end of a row, a new row can be created by pressing "Enter"

*3) "Keep" control avoids breaking up certain paragraphs on several pages.

It tries to keep paragraphs together.  KeepN keeps this paragraph with the next on one pages.


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