Interfaces (Technical API Reference)

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This chapter contains detailed description of the interfaces used by TextDynamic. The object RTF2PDF is located in the assembly wPDF.dll. You need the RTF2PDF license to be able to use, the object will not work with wPDFControl.


The interfaces IWPMemo and IWPTextCursor are probably the most important.

The first includes methods to load and save, the second is used to insert text and images and control the cursor .



As introduction to the API please read "Getting Started" first.

We also included the "Document and text property reference". Here You can look up properties and interfaces to change certain attributes usualy to documents.


There are also lots of hyperlinks in this manual:


Click to check the interface properties published by "TextAttr".



The concept of TextDynamic and RTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server has been created to make it easy to add additional functionality without having to modify the basic interfaces which could break existing applications.


For this we added a number of "Command" methods which offer additional functionality if we come to the conclusion there is a need.


So please check out this methods:


Command and CommandEx - modify the GUI, Spellcheck and Security


Memo.TextCommand - utility methods. Also tabstop and pagesize + frame line methods.


Memo.TextCommandStr - includes various important methods.


Report.Command - for additional features to "CreateReport"

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