LayoutMode Property

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LayoutMode LayoutMode


Set the layout mode:


0 =wplayNormal - display the text similar to the windows application notepad

1=wpWordWrapView - like 'normal' but also activate word wrap at the right border

2=wplayShowManualPageBreaks - similar to 'normal' but show page breaks as lines



3=wplayPageGap - similar to 'normal' but show page breaks as gaps

4=wplayExtendedPageGap - similar to wplayPageGap but show left and right margins

5=wplayShrunkenLayout - display page withouth the top and bottom margin

6=wplayLayout - display page withouth header and footer texts (but with margins)

7=wplayFullLayout - display full page (WYSIWYG)

8=wplayDualPageView - show 2 pages side by side (full page or full width zoom mode)

9=wplayThumbNailView - display small pages


Example: layoutmode=7, zooming=20, autozoom=4



Note: You can use the provided test application to test the different modes!


Example VB6:

 WPDLLInt1.Memo.LayoutMode = wplayNormal

 WPDLLInt1.Memo.SetIProp 5, 70   ' x-offset from left to text

 WPDLLInt1.Memo.SetIProp 6, 70    'y-offset from top to text



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