SetIProp Method

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This function sets properties of the editor.


int SetIProp([In] int ID, [In] int Value);


Using an ID and a property value certaion properties can be read and set. If the property value is -1 the current value will be read but no new value will be set.

This IDs are defined:

0: not used

1: Set TextCursor. (Param = enum MemoCursor)

2: Set hyperlink cursor. (Param = enum MemoCursor)

3: Set cursor for text objects (Param = enum MemoCursor)


Example C#:


// This code sets the cursor used for hyperlinks:





4: Change spell check strategie:

0= CheckInInit, -  Words are checked when the paragraph is initialized. The complete text is checked after loading

1= CheckInPaint - (default)  Words are checked before a paragraph is painted.

2= CheckInInitAndPaint - check whole text first


5: Set X offset from text to border of editor to the left


6: Set Y offset from top border to first page


7: Check if the toolbar is currently visible. Use Value = -1. Result =1 if visible, otherwise 0.


8: Set the minimum width of the caret. Default = 1


9: Set the default text color (default = black)


10: Set the background color (ColorPaper and ColorDesktop)


11: Select search direction (TextCursor.FindText):

     a value >=0 selects forward search, -1 select backwards search.


12: Disable all evemnts


13: Override charset used by the editor


14: Disable threadlock (debugging)


15: Set charcode for default bullet. Use Memo.TextCommandStr to set the fonts.


16: Set default indent for bullet


17: Set left indent applied by XML reader for numbered paragraphs


18: Set default decimal tab char







Example VB6:

 WPDLLInt1.Memo.LayoutMode = wplayNormal

 WPDLLInt1.Memo.SetIProp 5, 70   ' x-offset from left to text

 WPDLLInt1.Memo.SetIProp 6, 70    'y-offset from top to text

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