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String Text;


This property is bindable. It can be used to load and save the text in the upper editor. The format which is used for loading and saving is selected by property TextFormat.


When using the ActiveX the datatype of property Text and Text2 is VARIANT - you can assign a usual unicode string and a variant byte array. When reading this propetry always(*) a variant byte array will be created. To get a standard string from the editor use the method SaveToString. To get a variant array of bytes you can use SaveToVar. To load/insert from a string or a variant array use LoadFromVar. (The method LoadFromString is similar but will only accept strings)


When binding the editor to a database use a binary field to hold the data. The field should be an image field in SQL server, or an oleobject field in MS Access.


*) If you append "-useolestring," to the property TextFormat, a standard double byte OLE string instead of the variant array of byte will be created.


Load and Save

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