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Note: Instead of the interface IWPMemo which is implemented by TextDynamic, RTF2PDF implements the interface IWPEditor. It contains a subset of the IWPMemo methods and properties. Please note that RTF2PDF does not print text.


The interfaces (IWPEditor, IWPTextCursor, ...) are the same in the .NET assembly and in the OCX. This makes it possible to make the source code exchangeable. In this reference we mainly include examples developed in C#.


Usually you will access the interfaces like this:


IWPMemo Memo = wpdllint1.Memo;

IWPTextCursor TextCursor = Memo.TextCursor;


TextCursor.InputText("Hello World");




Unless you use the demo, you will need to use


    public bool SetLicense(string Name, string Code, uint Number);


to tell the engine your license data.


You need to use a key which looks like wwww-xxxx-yyyy-zzzz.

The old code/name combination will not work for RTF2PDF 3.x "Plus"


When using ASP it is useful to load the license from a file


SetLicense("@FILE@securepw", "c:\\keyfile.aspx", 0)


The key file can be created with the demo application: start_keyed




Please make sure this file and password is secured.

Please make sure the IIS_IUSRS have read access to the license file, otherwise the following code will fail.



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