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This is probably the most important property. "Memo" provides an interface to the editing interface of the upper editor #1 and "Memo2" provides the interface to program the lower editor. "CurrMemo" can be used to access the editor was focussed last.


Note: Our product RTF2PDF V3.5 or later publishes also the properties "Memo" and "Memo2". Here the interface IWPEditor is used which contains most of the IWPMemo methods. So code written for TextDynamic can be converted to use RTF2PDF easily.


The interface IWPMemo itself provides access to other interfaces, numerous methods and properties.


IWPMemo Memo2


The interface is identical to "Memo" but it works with the optional editor #2.


IWPMemo CurrMemo


This is the 'memo' interface of the current (selected) editor.


IWPTextCursor Memo.TextCursor


The IWPMemo also includes a reference to IWPTextCursor.


This interface is used to position the cursor and to create text under program control.




This interface modifies the current writing mode, for example selects the font face. If the user has selected some text, any change will modify the selected text.


IWPPageSize PageSize


This interface allows the modification of the page size. Please note, using the event OnMeasurePage it is possible to have different page sizes for each page in the document.

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