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Property PageMode

By modifying this property you can select how the PDF file has to be displayed when the reader opens it.


Property Thumbnails

If this property is set to 'Monochrome' or 'Color'  the PDF export component will create thumbnails in the PDF file.

Please note the the Acrobat(R) Reader Version 5 will create thumbnails automatically if none are found in a PDF document. This thumbnails have a high resolution since they are created using the complete information of a page.


Property TextCompression

By modifying this property you can let the PDF engine compress text. By using compression the file will be reasonable smaller. On the other had compression will create binary data rather than ASCII data. Please note that bitmaps and embedded fonts will be always compressed, either using Deflate or JPEG compression.


Property JPEGCompressMode

wPDF can compress bitmaps using JPEG. This will work only for true color bitmaps (24 bits/pixel) and if you have set the desired quality in this property.


Property Encoding

If data in the PDF file is binary it can be encoded to be ASCII again. Binary data can be either compressed text or graphics. You can select HEX encoding or ASCII95 which is more effective then HEX.


Property FontMode

Using this property you can decide weather TrueType fonts should be embedded in the PDF file or not. If fonts were not embedded in the PDF file text can be displayed wrongly if the used fonts are not installed on the PC of the reader of the PDF file. On the other hand embedded fonts causes the PDF files to be much larger. The size of the usual font file is 150KB! The embedding also slows the creation process down.


You can set wpOnEmbedFonts in property ExtraMessages to get a message (event OnError) once font data is embedded.


UseTrueTypeFonts : use true type fonts but does not embed the font data.


EmbedTrueTypeFonts : embed data of all used fonts. (You can still use ExcludedFonts to specify certain standard fonts)


EmbedSymbolTrueTypeFonts : embed only symbol true type fonts. (such as WingDings, etc.)


UseBase14Type1Fonts : Do not use true type. When this mode is selected you can only use Arial, Courier New and Times New Roman fonts.


Subset Embedding: Since version 2 it is now possible to reduce the size of the embedded data by removing the description for unused characters.


There are 2 options which do this for you:


EmbedSubsetCharsets will embed all the characters which are used in the codepage you selected.


EmbedSubsetUsedChar includes only those characters which have been used and so produces the smallest files.

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