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This property enables PDF/A support:






PDF/A is a new norm which based on PDF 1.4 - it was created to provide a guildline for the creation of document files which stay readable for the time to come. So the major demand for PDF/A complient files is that the used font files are embedded. Security measures are forbidden in PDF/A complient files as are links to external files. But there is more to PDF/A. We have checked the component carefully against the final documentation of PDF/A.


When you use RTF2PDF V3 additional (invisible) tags will be added to the PDF data. This tags make it possible to identify layout elements (such as header or footer texts) on a page. They can be also used by a PDF reader to convert the PDF data into text paragraphs, something which is otherwise at least difficult and impossible if a paragraph spans a page. The wPDF engine will also create tags to mark table cells. wPDFControl3 will also add the document information as XMP data to the PDF file.


PDF/A support is a new feature in wPDFControl V3.


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