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This property enables the support for text written used by Character Identifiers. Here in the PDF text numbers are written which are mapped to certain glyphs in an embedded font. A special additional mapping table makes sure that the text can be extracted as unicode text. When the CID feature is used this means the fonts are embedded as subsets in a highly efficient way. PDF files become smaller this way. Since it works with character ids and not with charsets the export for say, Russian text, also works without having specified the charset explicitly. wPDF uses as character IDs the UNICODE values of each character - it can have used any number but we wanted to preserve the most information of the source text in the PDF as possible. Please note that the support for asian languages does NOT use the CID feature. Asian languages use special, perdefined fonts and mapping tables and require the charyset to be known to be propperly exported.


CidFontMode Values:


0 - CID feature is not used. The property FontMode rules font embedding

1 - all fonts are embedded. Unicode values will be used as character ids

2 - only symbol fonts will be embedded


Cid Font support is a new feature in wPDFControl V3.

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