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CreateAutoLinks - if active the PDF engine will create web links over text which starts with http://. This makes it easy to create a link to a web page.


Please note that the autolink feature requires that the complete link is printed at once. Links which are inside longer text strings are not recognized.

Note: You can always create links using the Hyperlink procedure.




makes it possible to change the way the drawing commands are interpreted. For standard output this property should remain unchanged but if you create the output in your application its use might be required.


NoBITBLTFillRect: BitBlt is not used to draw a filled rectangle.


WhiteBrushIsTransparent: Do not fill objects which use a white background. Please note that this has no effect on bitmaps, only on rectangles or text which is printed opaque.


ExactTextPositioning: In general the PDF engine draws text to not only match the input but also look good. If your application requires that each character has to be at the same position as in the input you can use this flag to get a 1:1 output. (Implementation note: In the PDF file an efficient multi string output command is used, not several single text drawing commands)


NoTextRectClipping: Text can be clipped to its bounding box. To switch this off you can use this flag. It is a good idea to use this flag if your application uses a lot of TextRect() without expecting clipping.


ClipRectSupport: IntersectClipRect() and SelectClipRgn() are supported.


DontStackWorldModifications: If your application uses the windows function SetWindowOrgEx() a lot please set this flag. Normally please do not use this flag. It is only required if you see a small, 1 pixel shift in vertical or horizontal lines. If you have access to the printing code you can add SaveDC/RestoreDC around blocks which work with a different origin or resolution to avoid this small visual problem in the created PDF file. Normally you should not use this option!


NoTextRectClipping: Use the windows text output API you can provide a rectangle which is used to clip you are just printing. This is useful if you are printing table cells and don't want to overprint  the contents of the neighbor cell. Usually this clipping rectangle is not active and wPDF will not add unnecessary clipping - but if your application uses this clipping without a real need for it, you can improve the quality of the PDF file by switching this flag on. This will skip the creation of clipping rectangles for text output commands.


DontAdjustTextSpacing: wPDF will normally use the character and word spacing to render the text to match the width requirement set by windows. This is necessary because the fonts in PDF have a slightly different width than calculated by windows. The reason are rounding errors in windows (or visual optimation) which works with integer positions while PDF uses floating points.

If you use this flag wPDF will not try to enlarge or shrink the text. Normally you won't see a problem, except that you are printing text lines which consist of different parts (font styles fro example).

This flag has no effect if wpExactTextPoitioning is active.


DontCropBitmaps: Using the command StretchDIB you can specify a rectangle of the source bitmap which will be printed in the destination rectangle. Unless this flag is active the PDF engine will internally remove the unprinted data.


DontCropBitmaps: The PDF engine will crop images if they are only partly painted. You can use this flag to switch this mode off.


AllowTransparentBit: Monochrome bitmaps can be optionally painted transparently if they are painted using an OR "ROP" mode or if the flag wpWhiteBrushIsTransparent. This will set the PDF format version to V1.3.




This property controls the PDF engine. You can use SetIProp(10, value) to update this property.


   bit 1: NoBITBLTFillRect

   bit 2: NeverFill

   bit 3: WhiteBrushIsTransparent

   bit 4: ExactTextPositioning

   bit 5: NoTextRectClipping

   bit 6: ClipRectSupport

   bit 7: DontStackWorldModifications

   bit 8: DontAdjustTextSpacing

   bit 9: DontCropBitmaps

   bit 10: AllowTransparentBit

   bit 11: AlwaysHighResPDF

   bit 12. NeverHighResPDF

   bit 13: UseFontWidthArgument

   bit 14: NoTextScaling

   bit 15: MetaIsDOTNETEMF (internally used)

   bit 16: InputIsWMFData

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