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TextDynamic OCX is an ActiveX® control. It contains the code to access the TextDynamic kernel. As usual this OCX needs to be registered as OLE control. Our demo version and the full version uses the same OCX control so you do not have to worry about changed GUIDs. There is also no danger that a newer version of the OCX breakes your application - something you might have experienced with other OCX products because the editing engine itself is loaded from the "TextDynamic Kernel" DLL. This DLL should not be installed to the system directory, it should be installed in the same directory as your application.


When using the OCX, the path of the DLL must be specified in property DLLName.




By default the string {please_change_this} is used - that tells the OCX to load the DLL which was installed by the TextDynamic setup script. You need to change that property! It is possible to change this property when the form has been already loaded. Please make sure you use the same setting in all the editor boxes you use in your application. So using a registry reference is the best way to do it.


Please also see the VB6 sample project.


Once the name was applied it should not be changed anymore. It is possible to read the name from the registry: Specify the path to the registry key (type string) preceeded by {hkcu} to use HKEY_CURRENT_USER, or {hklm} to use HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.



"{hkcu}Software\MyCompany\TextDynamic\path" will load the name from the string property path under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MyCompany\TextDynamic.


Note: The key Software\WPCubed\TextDynamic\path is created by the TextDynamic setup script and must not be used in your application. We use it our example projects only when the property DLLName has its default value "{please_change_this}";


Please don't mix up the engine DLL with the .NET assembly (WPTDynInt.dll or WPTDynInt2.dll). Only the engine DLL must be specified in DLLName!



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