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Property PDFEncryption


 EncryptFile - to switch on encryption

 EnablePrinting - allow the user to print the PDF file

 EnableChanging - allow to change the PDF file

 EnableCopying - allow to copy text from the PDF file

 EnableForms - enable interactive elements (do not yet apply)

 LowQualityPrintOnly - if you use high compression this flag lets you switch off high resolution printing.


The property changes the rights of the user and if the file is encrypted..

You can protected the file from viewing if you also set the property UserPassword or you can simply prohibit copying. Currently wPDFControl supports the 40-bit and 128 bit PDF encryption. The later also causes the PDF to use PDF version 1.4.


property Security (Std40bit, High128bit)

You can change between


Property OwnerPassword

The password is required to edit an encrypted PDF file. If you don't set a password here a password will be randomly created when you enable Encryption.


Property UserPassword

This is the password which will be used to encrypt the file. If you don't provide a password the rights for the user can be still restricted using 'Encryption'. But the user will then not be prompted for a password.




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