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TextDynamic contains an optional reporting feature which is controlled by the interface IWPReport.


This reporting can be understood as a "super charged version of mail merge": You can not only update fields with data, you can also use bands for conditional text, to create headers and footers and, most important, loop certain parts of the template until all data has been printed, i.e. to create a list.


Thus internal reporting features can help you to do

- mass mailing

- mass e-mail

- create directories and lists

- create and print invoices

- create contracts which consist of different text blocks


The output can be saved as MSG (=MIME E-Mail Format), RTF, HTML and, optionally, PDF.



The integrated reporting engine can


a) use a template which is regular text with <<tokens>>.

 --> Token to Template Conversion


b) use a template in a proprietary format.


c) create and use a DB-Description (XML) which is the basis to create and maintain the template (b)

 --> DB-Description and Template architecture


Introduction Project:

VS2008 Reporting Demo

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