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Welcome to wRTF2PDF. This is not just a tool to convert RTF to PDF or HTML to PDF, it also includes a full featured, completely self contained word processing engine to create formatted text in code.


RTF2PDF V4 is available now. It is based on the word processing engine WPTools 7 and the PDF creation tool wPDF 4.


You can use this component to create documents and invoices on a web server and save the result as RTF, HTML or PDF file. Since it offers a very similar programming API as the word processing control TextDynamic it is also known as "TextDynamic Server".


The integrated word processing engine supports:

Supports multiple character attributes (fonts, font sizes, colors, styles and colors)
Paragraph attributes (indents, spacing, alignment, justified text)
Tabstops (left, right, decimal, centered and fill signs)
Paragraph styles with CSS support
Tables, nested tables, row merge, column merge
Headers and Footers
Images (BMP, JPEG, EMF, PNG), linked and embedded, also with wrap text on both sides!
Hyperlinks and nestable bookmarks
powerful mail merge
new: integrated native support for MS Word DocX format - loads DocX and saves DocX


The integrated PDF engine supports

create PDF/A compliant files (I automatically adds meta tags to distinguish informative text from layout elements)
embed fonts + subset fonts
embed Type3 fonts
convert embedded EMF to PDF vectors
With the "server" license You can export pages from multiple documents into one multipage TIFF file.


In case your development system does not support COM, You can use the rich text to PDF conversion also using some simple to use methods exported by the DLL.


Product Page RTF2PDF

Product Page PDFControl

API Reference

Support forum



We have added the RTF2PDF documentation to the TextDynamic manual since it uses almost the same interfaces and code in general is interchangeable. RTF2PDF can be seen as the server edition of TextDynamic.


Technical Note:


The component wRTF2PDF is based on our word processing component TextDynamic plus the PDF engine wPDFControl. It does everything what wPDFControl and much of what TextDynamic does. It has been optimized to work on a server, or webserver. It does not print but it can produce PDF and other file formats fast and effectively. It can also export documents page by page as metafile.

Please see our demo ASP web server



We recommend to program with RTF2PDF similar to TextDynamic - but as an invisible, server control. Using the interface IWPEditor you have access to powerful and effective means to create text or tables in code.


While TextDynamic is a visual tool, RTF2PDF has been optimized to work in the background. It can be easily used with ASP or ASP.NET to create HTML or PDF response output. Since the API is so similar to the API of TextDynamic you can use almost the same code in your ASP page as you used for your desktop application. Due to its nature it does not offer any GUI elements and does not implement the wpa actions used by TextDynamic.


Instead of the interface IWPMemo which is implemented by TextDynamic; RTF2PDF implements the interface IWPEditor. It contains a subset of the IWPMemo methods and properties.


The RTF2PDF ActiveX interface can be used very similar to the .NET Interface.

We included some simple VB / VBS examples here...



Example to create the text "Hello World" in ASP.NET (language C#):


RTF2PDF pdf = New RTF2PDF();

// The main editor interface: load & save

WPDynamic.IWPEditor Memo = pdf.Memo;

// Modify the current writing attribute

WPDynamic.IWPAttrInterface CurrAttr = Memo.CurrAttr;

// TextCusror contains methods to insert paragraphs, tables, text, images, fields, header and footer etc.

WPDynamic.IWPTextCursor TextCursor = Memo.TextCursor;

// Clear the text


// Set the current font



// Create some text

TextCursor.InputString("Hello World\r ",0);


Only the first two lines would be different when using TextDynamic. There you probably use a control dropped on the form (the default name is wpdllint1) and the interface name IWPMemo instead of IWPEditor!


The export to PDF as ASP Result can be done like this. No temporary file will be written! (Requires "Internet Server" License)


IWPPDFCreator PdfCreator = pdf.PdfCreator;

// reformat the text when we have completely created it



// Set PDF properties. Note that the interface IWPPDFCreator is being used

PdfCreator.PDFFile = "memory"// We want to use "ResultBuffer"

PdfCreator.FontMode = 0;  // i.e. embed all fonts



// remove any output


// Add new header

Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";


// Set a file name which is displayed when download starts


// Write the PDF data




Legal Note:

Microsoft, VisualBasic, ActiveX, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. WPTools and TextDynamic are registered trademarks of Julian Ziersch.

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