What can I do with TextDynamic?

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Process RTF, ANSI, UNICODE and/or HTML texts
Edit data base memo fields with simple or formatted text
Prepare and send e-mails using the interface IWPMapi.
Use complete word processing with page layout view, 100% WYSIWYG, header&footer, cascading style sheets (CSS)
Use the integrated spell check
Work with powerful mail merge (update embedded fields with data, formatted text and images)
Create documents under program control. (InputText, InputTable, InputImage)
Use reporting (= mail merge with bands)
Create, edit and print labels - LabelDef.
Convert RTF to PDF using the integrated PDF converter. The PDF exporter is now also able to attach data and create PDF/A.
Export HTML to PDF
Export RTF to TIFF, also multi page TIFF. Monochrome dithering is now supported.  (see GetPageAsBitmap)
Export HTML to TIFF
Use TextDynamic as popup editor by simply call a function in the DLL. This makes it easy to add a powerful word processor to any application.

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