WPCubed: Components for Delphi VCL and .NET

With the VCL and .NET controls produced by WPCubed you can offer your customers state of the art embedded word processing – integrated directly into your Delphi VCL or Visual Studio C++ or .NET application. WPTools and TextDynamic are also widely used to create texts, such as contracts or invoices under program control. Documents can be loaded and saved as RTF, HTML or in “WPTOOLS” format. Export to PDF is possible and simple to implement. Our technology can also be easily integrated into legacy applications, i.e. VB6 applications or programs written in C or C++.

We also market components for server side (ASP.NET 32/64 bit) text creation and manipulation.
Our word processing engine is not based on the Windows® “Richedit” DLL. It has been created from scratch using optimized code and consequently does not require any 3rd party DLLs to operate. Optionally it can make use of internal spell checking, optimized PDF export (which preserves links and bookmarks) and also reporting.

WPCubed also markets powerful PDF tools, not only to create new PDF files but also to view, print and manipulate existing PDF files. The PDF creation VCL integrates perfectly not only with WPTools, but also with many reporting engines since it internally is based on a universal metafiles (EMF) to PDF converter. (Link to: Site Overview)

  TextDynamic      wPDF - PDF creation VCL

You can download a demo application which highlights the VCL products WPTools, wPDF, WPViewPDF and WPReporter. More about “WPCubed Calculus”.

2015 WPCubed is introducing a new exciting add-on to WPTools: MS-Word DocX reading and writing capabilities. Here you can download an EXE demo to evaluate WPTools and the DocX reading and writing capabilities: DocX Load&Save EXE Demo.
More about the add-on under “WPTools Fileformats“. The DOCX support is also available with TextDynamic and wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server.

Word processing VCL
WPTools® V7 VCL is a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components to create and edit formatted text supporting compilers from Delphi 5 to Delphi XE7 and C++Builder. Integrated spellcheck is optionally available, as is integrated PDF export.

TextDynamic7 is a royalty free word processing and reporting control which can be embedded into applications. The new version 7 includes an 32 bit and 64 bit word processing engine DLL. TextDynamic7 includes a managed .NET wrapper DLL (its C# source is included with the full version). So you can use the component in WinForm applications developed with .NET development tools, such as VisualStudio. At no extra charge we also include an 32 bit ActiveX edition to use TextDynamic7 in VC, Visual Basic 6, and MS Access. Furthermore, you can use TextDynamic7 in C++ Projects without any wrapper. You only need to call an easy to use method in the engine DLL and you get a fully functional editing window.

PDF view and manipulation
WPViewPDF is a powerful pdf viewer component to display and print PDF files. You will need a PDF viewing component if you want to embed PDF display into your application or if you need to load PDF data from memory. For example you can use our viewer WPViewPDF to display digital copies of files which were printed by your application.
Ideally you can use our tools (wPDF, TextDynamic, wPDFControl) to create the PDF data to be displayed, but WPViewPDF will also work with many other PDF creators.

WPViewPDF PLUS is also able to append PDF files and to apply stamps or delete or reorder pages. With WPViewPDF PLUS it is also possible to fill PDF forms interactively: The user can edit the text fields and click the checkboxes.

WPViewPDF Demo

PDF Creator VCL (Delphi, C++Builder)
The VCL product wPDF 4 was one of the first to offer a drawing surface (TCanvas) to create PDF files using standard GDI methods. The vector drawing and text will not be converted to a bitmap but will be preserved in PDF format. This avoids quality loss when PDF files are printed and reduces the size of the files as well. wPDF 4 is also able to create “Type 3″ fonts which will help to create small PDF files. This is especially useful when used with Asian fonts since only the actually used gylphs are embedded.

PDF creation for .NET, ActiveX (Visual Studio)
The product wPDFControl implements our reliable wPDF technology to be used with Win32/Win64 .NET applications. An OCX is included for use in Visual Basic programs. Since the engine DLL can be accessed using the provided C++ header files you can also use it in VC applications without the need to import an ActiveX interface. wPDFControl Version 4 supports encryption, compression and font embedding, also type3 fonts. You can use it to convert metafiles (EMF) to PDF or use its device handle (HDC) with standard GDI API calls. The product wRTF2PDF / TextDynamic Server is based on the same PDF engine but also inherits the word processing power of TextDynamic. It is a powerful tool to create documents on a server, not only in PDF format but also as HTML, XML, RTF and now also DocX.

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