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8.6.2019 WPViewPDF V4.7.3.1 is available now. It improves saving of check-box annotations and makes it possible to set a fixed zoom state for thumbnails.

The Delphi Day, XVIII edition, is the Italian Delphi Developers gathering: two days of conferences and meetings organized by Wintech Italia.
A great opportunity to examine technical topics, to meet other developers (about 120 in 2018 edition) and foreign delphi experts!
The event will be at Best Western Park Hotel – Piacenza, June 5-6th.
There will be 3 meeting rooms, more than 10 speeches and speakers from all over the world!
Come and meet more than 100 Italian Delphi Developers, major European and Italian Delphi Experts and the last news about our great and beloved tool!
The Delphi Day speakers will hold some technical seminars the day before the conference.
Get your ticket, enjoy and share the #DelphiDay!

WPTools 9 is currently under development. It will include an improved set of icons, better image list handling and some special features which will be soon announced.

19.5.2019 wPDF V4 has been updated to improve font property embedding for PDF/A specified files.

9.4.2019 WPViewPDF V4.7.3 is available now. It includes support for 2 bit indexed color images and makes it possible to change the cursor for certain action modes.

15.3.2019 WPTools 8.12 has been posted. It includes improvements of scrolling logic and a few other small improvements.

27.2.2019 WPViewPDF V4.7.1.0 is available now. It includes better support for formfilling (scrolling and TAB control) and calculated (separation) colors.

12.1.2019 A new build of WPViewPDF V4 is available. It integrates a fix in the 64bit module for improved stability. The font handling has been updated.

11.1.2019 WPTools 8.10.1 has been posted. It includes improvements for the DocX reader and the support for Delphi 10.3 Rio.

5.1.2019 wPDF V4 has been updated to support Delphi 10.3 Rio.


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