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WPTools 9.2 upgrades:

The upgrade is free if you licensed V9.1 after 1. May 2020. If your team grew, please get new licenses for the new developers.

If you have WPTools 9.1 please visit this site to order the WPTools 9,1 to 9.2 Update. WPTools 9.2 comes with support for Delphi 11.

If you have WPTools 8 please visit this site to order the WPTools 8 to 9.2 Update.

If you have WPSpell, FB or RB units do not upgrade those. You can simply continue to use the old version with WPTools 9. If you already have the DocX support units we will provide the upgrade for DocX for V9.2 free of charge.

For Updates from WPTools 7 or WPTools 8 to WPTools 9.2 please contact us to receive a discount coupon.

To upgrade WPTools to the “Premium” Edition please visit: Premium Orders
(When you upgrade you get the “Premium” addon for the version you have)

WPViewPDF V4 upgrades:

The update is free is you purchased after 1.9.2015, otherwise please look into your download account – you will find there a coupon to purchase any WPViewPDF 4 edition at 30% cheaper. To upgrade, please use the coupon and purchase any WPViewPDF and any license count you need at a discounted price.

wPDF V4 upgrades:
Link to wPDF 3 to Version 4 upgrade page (Note: This upgrades are NOT for WPViewPDF)

wPDFControl 4 and wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic V4 upgrades – 32 and 64 bit:
Link to wPDFControl and RTF2PDF upgrade page.

Please send e-mail to if you have a license which is not listed on the named pages.


Under the EU directive, consumers can change their minds and cancel their orders for any reason during a maximum period of 14 days across EU member countries. This means that consumers can change their minds and return goods for any reason during this timeframe. To execute their right of withdrawal, they may use the Right of Withdrawal form provided by our distributor.
In case of business-to-bussiness sales, we also offer refund with 14 days if You happen to be not happy with the functionality of the product You licensed and, in case of full-source products, the problem could not be detected by evaluating the demo before the purchase. (The demos can be downloaded here)

To order by invoice please contact WPCubed GmbH directly,

Fax.: 0049 – 89 – 49 053 504

mail :

Unfortunately many of our replies are blocked. Please provide different contact, i.e. FAX, if you do not receive reply.

To most non EU orders no VAT applies, however, among others, to USA and also to Australia (10%) VAT will be added. The payment provider will show you the applicable VAT prior to checkout.

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