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The main focus of WPCubed is word processing, but equally important is technology to work with PDF data. So there are components to create PDF, and also to view and manipulate PDF, ie. stamp PDF, merge PDF available here. The word processing components are WPTools and TextDynamic. There is also a component to create documents and PDF files in a server environment.

  • Do you need a powerful WYSIWYG word processor integrated directly into your application?
  • Do you need to convert DocX or RTF files or edit this document?
  • Do you need special document features, such as nested paragraphs? Our engine can help your program be outstanding.
  • Do you need PDF creation or do you require an embedded PDF view?
  • Do you need to add annotations to PDF files, make watermarks or create PDF data forms?
  • Do you have to do mail merge or create reports which can be edited after creation – either embedded in the preview or with an external word processor, such as Word?
  • The components developed by WPCubed provide solutions for these problems and more!  As ActiveX, with .NET and as native VCL components for Delphi and C++Builder.

WPCubed produces reliable components not only for Delphi VCL and .NET but also as ActiveX to be used with legacy products developed with VB6. WPCubeds VCL components WPTools, wPDF and WPViewPDF are well known and used in thousands of projects.

 You can download a demo application which highlights the VCL products WPTools, wPDF, WPViewPDF and WPReporter. More about “WPCubed Calculus”…


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