11.5.2023 wPDF V5.1 is available now. With upgraded support for GDI pen styles and improved rendering of text using different alignment modes, the output quality has been taken to the next level.
Download the new demo of wPDF V5 here. It includes an exectuable which let you convert metafiles (EMF) to PDF and also the VCL component for Delphi.

10.5.2023 WPTools
+ wpKeepTogetherMergedRows in FormatOptionsEx3 (makes sure merged rows will
orce a page break to make sure all text can be rendered )
+ TWPRichText.SetParStyle makes it easy to assign and change style properties to current paragraph.
* change in WPTREader to load umlauts from TWPTextObj parfams property
* fix to better handle large images in reformat
* fix to avoid image export problem with PDF export
– fix some issues connected to text deletion and repaint

25.3.2023 WPTools
+ ActiveText.AppendParList appens paragraphs from TStrist or TStrings.Objects, very useful for reporting
+ TParagraph.MoveChildrenBelow moves the children of a paragraph after this paragraph
– improvement to avoid wrong cursor positions in tables in last row on page
– fix problem with image export zo PDF when multiple imagesxx were used on the same page
– some improvements in mail merge code

3.3.2023 WPViewPDF
+ when a user clicks on an item in the outlines (akn bookmarks) that clicked items is (and stays) displayed as underlined text.
– disable space guessing for text export on really small text (<1pt)
– improvement on password handling for protected files

4.2.2023 WPViewPDF
– fixes potential 64bit problem in event handler

29.1.2023 WPTools
* New VCL Demo of WPTools
– improved WPSpell 2 (included with WPTools 9.3 Premium)
– range check fix in format routine
– fix in HTML writing code
– Contents in OnMailMergeGetExt let you specify the option string to loaded formatted text: LoadFromatString

20.1.2023 WPViewPDF
– with activated single page mode adding and modifying annotations did not work
– improvement on intern password handling
– fix in PDF rendering code to ignore move commands before path painting

25.1.2023 TextDynamic 7.84 is available now
– The old demo was expired. Please download the new demo to fix this issue.
* several updates to editor, spellcheck and PDF engine.

11.1.2023 WPViewPDF
– fix problem with hyperlink event in 64 bit
+ use command COMPDF_EngineOptions to disable object moving (bit 2) and resizing (bit 3)
* some improvements in free text annotation creation (support NM and T parameter in Props)