21.2.2024 wPDF 5.1.4
* Improved clipping for right aligned text
* Improved base line calculation

5.2.2024 WPViewPDF 5.2.7
A new build of WPViewPDF has been released.
+ supports line width in ExtGState
* better select unicode through freetype
+ use SetGlobalParameter(“IgnoreMask0=1”) to fix a problem with some PDF files which
use an apparently wrong mask setting for monochrome images as Mask [0 0]

16.1.2024 WPViewPDF 5.2.5
* improves handling of 1 bit images with alpha bitmap
* 1 bit images are painted without anti alias (important for barcodes)
* hold scroll position when window size changes
* prohibit position change when user expands a node in bookmark view