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21.4.2018 A preview EXE to show WPTools for Firemonkey is available on the Filebase. Please read more about the new word processing component for Firemonkey in our blog.

20.4.2018 WPViewPDF is available now. Among others, it includes an improvement to CMYK image handling and support for XForms.

21.3.2018 wPDF V4.51 is available now. It fixes the problem that some fonts could not be embedded as subset.

8.3.2018 WPViewPDF is available now. The new release improves rendering of certain PDF files, improves the position calculation of the text extracter and it is now also possible to read the XML metadata stored with a PDF file.

7.3.2018 wPDF V4.50 is available now. It improves the baseline calculation with text rendering.

5.3.2018 We have created a DBGrid for Firemonkey (FMX). This grid makes it easy to display the data from a TDataSource in a FireMonkey application. It also includes a designtime/runtime column designer and ist is also possible to create columns by code. This component is free to download and use after registration in the support forum.

7.2.2018 WPViewPDF is available now. The new release improves text selection and marking.

25.1.2018 Posted WPTools-FMX Teaser on our new support newsgroup. FireMonkeys around?

22.1.2018 WPViewPDF is available now. The new release improves compatibility to PDF files which use image names which contain – signs. Also PDF-2 files are now accepted as input data.

Please don’t miss out our new support form. We switched to a new technology end of 2017 and it is now much easier to use and better accepted.

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