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2.1.2020 WPViewPDF V4.8.2.5 is available. It solves a rare problem with inline images.

13.1.2020 TextDynamic 7.62 has been published. It improves the support for JPEG embedded in HTML, improves the DocX support, the PDF engine and adds a command to delete fields, bookmarks and hyperlinks.

2.3.2020 WPTools 9.1.020 has been published. It now includes a new event handler OnDrawUnderline which makes it not only possible to draw custom underlines for hyperlinks but also detect their position for special mouse handling. Please see “history.txt” for other changes.

23.3.2020 WPViewPDF V4.8.2.9 is available.
It is no possible to pass a parent window handle to be used by the commands PrintDialog and SetupPrinter. We improved the acroform handling and color space decoding.

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