3.11.2022 WPTools 9.3.4 is available now. It fixes a problem with “Refresh” after a Clear operation. The cursor positioning algorithm has been improved and the RTF writer was optimized.

22.10.2022 WPViewPDF V5.0.9.3 is available now.

14.10.2022 WPTools 9.3.3 is available now. It includes better PDF/Tag creation in combination with wPDF V5. The WPReporter has been checked and improved. The overall performance was enhanced.

20.9.2022 wPDF Version 5 can now be ordered. It is a consequential enhancement to version 4. Now GDI line styels (dash, dot and also custom styles) are now supported. The logic which simulates the top and bottom text alignment in PDF has been enhanced, so has the logic to suported rotated text.

25.7.2022 WPTools 9.3.1 is available now. It includes some new API methods and fixes.

24.7.2022 WPViewPDF V5.0.8 is available now.

18.7.2022 A new service pack for RTF2PDF V4 is available. It improves the syntax of created postscript code.

30.6.2022 WPTools 9.3.0 is now available. It includes improvement of editor, scaling after DPI changes and stability. The upgrade is free if you ordered WPTools 9.2 after 1.10.2021. The Premium edition also includes a new and enhanced WPSpell which supports the old dictionary format but alternatively also hunspell DIC/AFF files if it can load the hunspell DLL.

25.5.2022 WPViewPDF V5.0.7 includes many improvements for both, annotation and field rendering and editing.

29.4.2022 WPViewPDF V5.0.6 is available now. It improves the appearance writing for combo box annotations.

29.3.2022 WPViewPDF V5.0.5 is available now. It improves the AddPage function and solves problems with patterns and CMYK JPEG images.

28.1.2022 WPTools 9.2.200 is now available 1. It improves the editor, especially the performance when deleting characters in a large paragraph. Also improved the ruler when sued with the “normal” layout mode.

14.1.2022 WPViewPDF V5.0.4.2 is available now. It includes improvement of accent character support in acro-fields. The MaxLen property in fields now works better. It can be used to show equally spaced characters, i.e. in bank transfer forms.

The online manuals for WPTools, the WPTools API and WPViewPDF have been updated.