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What is in the “Premium” Edition

WPTools Premium is an extension of the regular WPTools package for Delphi and C++Builder. It includes the pascal code and the license to use the WPTools layer technology to implement WYSIWYG footnotes and text boxes.

WPTools Premium includes the full source code of WPTools.

WPTools Premium also includes WPReporter (RTF reporting, calculation in tables) – which is part of WPTools Bundle and PRO Bundle. (So the upgrade is cheaper if you have already a “Bundle”)

WPTools Premium is distributed as download link for WPTools 6 PRO (Bundle) plus an additional setup which includes the neccessary additional/modified source files.

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Orderpage Upgrade WPTools 5, 6 or 7 to to WPTools 6 Premium

I) Support for footnotes

The footnotes can be formatted text, up to 1/2 page long. They are loaded and saved in standard RTF format.

Use the method InputFootnote(PlaceCursor: Boolean; CreateNumber: Boolean = TRUE; InitText: string = #32); to create a footnote. Footnotes are edited in page layout mode in WYSIWYG manner or in “normal” layout mode without displaying the text body.

If you have WPReporter you can also use footnotes in a report!

II) Support for Textboxes / Frames

Text boxes are rectangular objects which display formatted text. They can be freely positioned – similar to images in WPTools 6.

Text boxes are loaded and saved in as RTF shape objects. Like footnotes the text boxes can be edited WYSIWYG in page layout mode.


Footnote and a “text box”

III) Support for Columns

a) This code starts a 2 column layout at the current paragraph with 0.5 cm margin inbetween.

This code inserts a column break (see dotted line in the image below which is drawn after the previos paragraph) and this paragraph will be moved to next column or page. The user will need this functionality if a column should not be extended to the end of the page.

include(WPRichText1.ActiveParagraph.prop, paprNewColumn);

b) This code activates a line between the columns:

WPRichText1.ActiveParagraph.ASet(WPAT_COLFLAGS, WPCOLUM_LINE);

c) In the OnMeasureTextPage event it is possible to create virtual columns to change the layout on certain pages:

d) In the OnMeasureTextPage event it is also possible to create frames:

WPTools also supports balancing for columns and column breaks are possible.

IV) XML Tag editor

This feature is used to manage an XML schema which is used to create popup menus and to load a CSS stylesheet to highlight the text in certain tags. (To format the text inside of tags simply the tag names are mapped with the names ina paragraph stylesheet.)


Screenshot – XML tag mode

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