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WPCubed Calculus: The Datamodule

As described in the previous topic SQLight is used as the database.  Delphi XE7 Professional includes the FireDAC components which serve as interface to the database. Since the interface components do not allow the automatic creation of tables and fields…

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WPCubed Calculus – A new MultiDemo

Introduction My goal in programming the WPCubed Multi-Demo was to show how the various WP products can be combined in an advantageous manner, thus allowing the programmer to quickly create an impressive reporting and text-generating application that is easily understood…

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Help&Manual Help & Manual creates all types of standard Windows help files, from 16 bit HLP files to state-of-the-art HTML HELP. In comparison to previous versions, Help & Manual comes with a load of features, including high-quality PDF creation. We…

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Addict Spell Addict Spell is a very versatile spell checking component. It works smoothly with WPTools, supports undo and 'SpellAsYouGo'. Using the dictionary compiler you can even create your own dictionaries, if you don't find what you need in their…

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wPDF Partner

SoftVision Development Produce excellent products for Notes - please visit their website. If you need a tool to create a report or PDF file from your NOTES SoftVision can help You. CLARION Wrapper Clarion wrapper for the wPDFControl DLL from…

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