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In contrast to the standard edition this “PLUS” edition can save the PDF information from the viewer. This makes it a powerful PDF manipulation tool. It is also possible to load multiple PDF files and save them -combined- into a new PDF file. Also only certain pages can be saved or the pages can be saved in a different order.
It is possible to extract the outlines as XML (outlines are sometimes also called “bookmarks”), make some modifications and apply them to then PDF file.

Certain pages can be marked to be deleted, they will not be displayed by WPViewPDF. When you save the PDF file this pages will be removed. It is also possible to set new security properties (apply, remove encryption) and set property strings int this pdf conversion tool. The WPViewPDF Demo has the PLUS features enabled, but when a new file is created a red cube will be printed on all pages.

It is also possible to set new security properties (apply, remove encryption) and set property strings in this PDF conversion tool.

With the “PLUS” version it is now possible to add text and vector graphics to certain pages of a PDF file (pdf stamping). Any text will be converted to vectors – this allows it to use special fonts. The graphics will be already visible in the viewer before the PDF data has been updated!


Version 4 has this powerful features:

  • use pages from PDF files as watermarks for other PDF files
  • add (and save!) text highlight annotation (new: also to text which was found by text-search)
  • work with rectangle annotations
  • add free text annotations, also multiline
  • add squiggly underlines
  • add “acro fields”
  • add text widgets
  • add popups
  • add checkbox widgets
  • add overlay objects – now it is possible that the objects belong to the viewer and are added to any PDF files which is loaded.
  • extract attached data, i.e. ZUGFeRD_Invoice.xml data.
  • add file attachments
  • new: The DLL now exports functions to create a non visual PDF manipulation object (pdf workbench)

The function pdfMerge which is exported by the DLL makes it possible to use just one DLL call to combine several PDF files to one. The registered PLUS version includes an additional DLL which converts TIFF files (created by scanner software) “on the fly” to PDF data so they can be merged just like PDF files.

WPViewPDF V4 demo application
WPViewPDF V4 demo application

WPViewPDF PLUS Features

  • Merge PDF files into a new file
  • Delete Pages (optionally they can stay visible and be marked with a red cross)
  • Extract Pages
  • add images (JPEG files) on certain pages
  • add text (scripted stamping)
  • export pages into multi page TIFF file (only 32bit applications)
  • read and fill text and checkbox AcroForm fields.
  • Print PDF file or save with new contents
  • add image, text and vector objects to a loaded PDF and save with this new elements
  • change file encryption and info items
  •  move selected pages using code
  •  move selected pages interactively (drag&drop)
  •  improved threaded painting for fast scrolling
  • Fill PDF forms directly in the viewer (edit fields, checkboxes)
  • highlight annotation
  • text background (the used can select text and the annotation will cover the area)
  • square annotation
  • symbols with Popups
  • squiggly underline annotation
  • text field annotations
  • checkboxes
  • move any existing annotation
  • delete any existing annotation
  • overlay objects
  • extract attached data
  • add attached data (embed files)


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