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19. December 2011

wPDF Version 3.75 - improves font embedding and compatibility to Delphi XE2.

7. December 2011

WPViewPDF V3.02.7 adds support for 128 bit AES decryption.

21. November 2011

WPViewPDF V3.02.4 adds possibility to use external plugin to convert JBIG2 data.

3. November 2011

WPTools 6.21.2 - several improvements to HTML reader and writer and to editing part. Also improves compatibility to Delphi XE2

7. September 2011

WPViewPDFV3.1.7 fixes several rendering problems

13. October 2011

WPTools 6.20, full version has been released. A new demo has been posted in download section.
This is an important update to WPTools 6. It includes support for Delphi XE2, with PRO or Premium You can also build 64bit applications.
V6.20 improves table handling, style handling and also includes enhancements to the API.
It also solves the problem of cutoff characters when background colors ere used.
It includes an entirely new installing procedure which were created to reduce the download size of the PRO and Premium edition.

17. July 2011

With WPViewPDFV3.1.5 PLUS it is now possible to interactively move pages.

11. July 2011

WPViewPDF V3.1.4 was released. It improves scrolling, display performance and compatibility to certain PDF files.
With the PLUS edition it is now possible to move pages.

15. June 2011

WPTools 6.16 has been released. It improves the border assignment API and the new border dialog. It also introduces many other improvements and bugfixes.

14. June 2011

WPViewPDF V3.0.8 now includes the interface for .NET (Visual Studio 2010) and also an ActiveX. Among other improvements the CCITT support was updated.

13. June 2011

A Service Release for wPDF 3 was publised.

16. May 2011

WPViewPDF V3.0.6 is available now. It improves the ability to add movable objects on the PDF pages, i.e. to highlight certain areas. The obejcts can be moved by code or by the user.

20. April 2011

WPViewPDF V3 is now available. We completely re-thought the logic which is require to load, render and manipulate PDF data to create this new version. It makes use of clever and effective caching for quick response times. It also makes use of multithreading for better user interaction.

25. March 2011

We posted a new WPViewPDF V2 demo to replace the expired old.
We expect Version 3 now within 4 weeks.

20. March 2011

TextDynamic 1.72.2 is available for registered customers.
We imporved the display of nested tables with page breaks.

9. March 2011

You can now download the new WPTools V1.14 Demo for Delphi XE from the download section.

13. January 2011

TextDynamic 1.72.1 is available for registered customers. It integrates the latest improvements to the editor.