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Delphi and C++Builder Programming SUPPORT

Do you need help? Please feel free to ask us. Support is offered in English and German.

Support for the period of one year is usually included in the purchase price of our products. Products are also supported via our active web forum.

You can of course send e-mail to support@wptools.de.


We also offer VIP support - this includes priority email support and all upgrades. Please ask for a quote.


Can our chief developer help you with Your Delphi or C++Builder project?


Please ask us, if it is possible to join you in your EU office and help with the integration of the product. (Language English or German)

This service was very productive for several companies in the past, since problems which would have taken a log time otherwise, were solved by the expert with a few hours.

Typical cost for this service are €800 per day with 2 day minimum + travel/accommodation expenses.



Our VCL products support C++Builder 5+6, Delphi 5-7, Delphi 2005 Win32, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE and later. wPDF also supports Delphi 4+3. Minor upgrades are free. Our wPDFControl and wRTF2PDF consist of an interface OCX and a versatile DLL. The new wPDFControl V4 includes 64bit support! They can be used with many developing languages, such as VB and VC. WPViewPDF is a windows-class component and can be used in various development systems. It comes with a VCL and .NET wrapper and an OCX.


The distribution of our libraries is royalty free embedded in end-user programs under the following restriction:

As is usual, distribution with developer applications (libraries of any kind, modules, ActiveX, OCX, VCL, DLL) is not allowed and requires a special arrangement with us. WPViewPDF and WPTools 9.4 includes a few non competive restrictions.


The distribution license further requires that the license agreement is fully accepted: Each developer who is working in the project which makes use of WPTools, wPDF or other products needs a developing license, no matter if he or she is actually working with our product or just using the functionality indirectly because it has been embedded into a "package" or external EXE. If you have multiple developers we suggest to acquire a SITE license.

The SITE License is valid for up to 20 developers within the same company at one geographic location. (Corporations please ask for price quotes)