15. December 2010

A new build of WPTools 6 is online. It enhances the compatibility to Delphi 2010 and XE and includes various improvements of the editor.

14. December 2010

A new build of WPTools 5 is online. It includes some bug fixes.
For compatibility to Delphi 2010 and XE please upgrade to WPTools 6.

15. November 2010

We posted a new build of wPDF wich includes the latest bugfixes.

25. September 2010

TextDynamic 1.72 now has the ability to underline links in the text, without the need to create hyperlink objects. The links are evaluated at paint time and such reflect user input immediately.

25. September 2010

We posted new released of wPDF 3 and WPTools 6. They now include files for Delphi XE (2011)

18. August 2010

wPDF V1.61 has been released. It solves problems which occured unter Delphi 2010 (Outline, Bookmark, EmbeddedData) and fixes a problem with embedded cmap data.

27. July 2010

WPCubed GmbH publishes service releases for TextDynamic, WPTools 5 and WPTools 6 to improve RTF and HTML reading and writing.

13. June 2010

WPTools 6.12 implements a new border dialog. It is now possible to display the current tabnle row to the whole table to be selected (although it is not logically selected). The HTML reader and writer, the RTF reader and writer have been improved and several problems in the editor have been fixed.

12. May 2010

WPViewPDF V2.59.5 – improves the page deletion and rotation features in the PLUS edition.

5. May 2010

wPDF 3.60.1 – improves XMP writing to support UTF8 characters

5. May 2010

WPTools 6.11.1
This service release improves the paint routine and the support for Delphi 2010 and 2009.
The new event OnInternPaintPar makes it easy to modify certain paragraphs or cell prior to the peinting. So you can add a dynamic border or background to a paragraph or cell.
If you select the flag wpRowMultiSelect in EditOptionsEx the user can select multiple, not adjacent table rows using Ctrl+Mouseclick.

5. May 2010

TextDynamic 1.68.1
Includes improved XML writer. Fixes in RTF reading and writing. New command to convert table into text.

5. April 2010

WPTools 6.10.5: new flag wpDontExtendSelectionToRightMargin in ViewOptionsEx to dDo not extend selection to end of line. When flag wpInvertActiveRow is active, the current table row will be inverted. Various improvements in editor.

TextDynamic V1.67.8: Several fixes in RTF engine, RTF and HTML reading and writing code

24. March 2010

TextDynamic V1.67.5:
– Horizontal lines can now be colored. (InputObject)
– it is possible to predefine the fonts for the font drop down
– merge text now not only works for fields but also for hyperlinks or boookmarks. This makes nested merge operations possible!
– It is possible to invert the current row in a table automatically

23. March 2010

WPViewPDF V2.59 – the demo resets the expiration timer. The rendering has been improved. It is now also possible to set the compression ratio when writing JPEG files.

28. February 2010

WPTools 6.10 – improved rendering of text. Improvements to RTF and HTML reader and writer.

20. January 2010

TextDynamic V1.65.1 – improved text wrap round images. Fix of redraw problem under Windows 7, 64bit. Improved PDF engine.

20. January 2010

WPTools 6.09 – improved text wrap round images. Fix of redraw problem under Windows 7, 64bit.