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Wordprocessing and PDF components 


12. December 2006

WPViewPDF, our powerful PDF viewing component is now available as Version 1.30. Font subset handling was improved (The width table is now used). Compressed grayscale images which are using "prediction" are now supported

22. November 2006

You can now order a powerful WPTools 5 support unit for FastReport (Version 3 and 4). It is based on a new technology which gets the most out of the advanced WPTools 5 formatting algorithm. So it is possible to even print the document header and footer. If you need to export the report to PDF we recommend wPDF - this product will also export the WPTools objects in your report - and not convert them into bitmaps. There is now also a new WPTools 5 ReportBuilder support unit available (V9 + 10)- it is based on the same technology as the FastReport unit.

17. November 2006

TextDynamic V1.29 is now available for download. Please also see the complete release notes.
It now has a powerful label feature (creation, preview and print). In combination with mail merge you can create mailing labels easily. There is also a new interface to create e-mail messages, including attached HTML text and images.
Optionally you can use the integrated MIME encoder to create an e-mail message without the need to work with temporary files.
We have improved the project which shows how to use the ability to store multiple documents in one editor at the same time. Even a tab set can be added to switch between the documents. With this feature you can avoid the problems connected to MDI projects. The demo is called "Simulated MDI" and it is available as C# and VB.NET project.

9. November 2006

WPTools V5.21 is now available. It supports zooming when using the mouse wheel and ctrl key. The HTML reader and writer have been improved. We have also added some functions for better compatibility with projects developed with WPTools V4 plus minor bug fixes.

31. October 2006

TextDynamic V1.27.7 is now available for download. There is a new demo developed in VB.NET which shows how to use TextDynamic on MDI child windows and attach an external toolbar.

The toolbar now uses a new shaded theme (called Titanium) which can also be customized to use other colors. Also available is "Brushed Metal" which can also be selected as background for the dialogs. You can optionally load bitmaps to be used tiled or stretched in the background of the panels!

Also now available:
Reporting! The developer can set up an outline of groups, bands, calculated variables and fields and the user can modify it according to his hore her needs (change fonts or styles). When completed, a document is created which incorporates the text from the template with data from one or multiple queries. Unlike other reporting engines, TextDynamic produces documents, not just RTF files which consist of multiple text objects and are so hardly editable.

13. October 2006

WPViewPDF, our powerful PDF viewing component is now available as Version 1.29. Using new DeletePage commands certain pages can be removed from the viewer. The component WPViewPDF PLUS has been further enhanced. You can modify the info strings in a PDF file, merge multiple PDF files into a new one and remove pages from PDF files. It is also possible to apply security features when a PDF file is written.

15. September 2006

TextDynamic V1.25 is now available. It is a powerful WYSIWYG word processing and mail merge component with support for CSS style sheets, tables, header+footer texts, images and optianally integrated spellchecking and PDF creation.

The text control comes with assemblies for .NET 1.1 and 2 which can be used in C# and VB.NET. The also included ActiveX control, it can be used in systems such as Visual Basic 6 or MS Access, has been checked through to make it more robust and deployment easy. The bindable property "Text" now works with a variant array of bytes to make it possible to connect it to a binary field, such as an OleObject field in MS Access, which allows much faster loading and saving.
When working with the editor in MS Access the delete key was not working - this problem has been resolved.

New features in this release:
It is now possible to create pop menus in the GUI description file.
The included PDF engine is the far advanced wPDF V3 with unicode and PDF/A support.

4. September 2006

wPDF Version 3 is available now. The wPDF V2 engine has been used successfully in literally thousands of applications - Version 3 is based on the same reliable and tested engine and adds an internal improvements to create smaller PDF files, esspeically when images are used. Most important and unique to the market it adds PDF/A and unicode (CID font) support. Now the standard brush styles are supported and using the GDI API TransparentBitBlt you can print a bitmap transparently by specifying the transparent color.

4. September 2006

WPViewPDF is a powerful control to view PDF files. With the "PLUS" version you can also merge multiple PDF files into one new PDF file. The latest version WPViewPDF 1.27.5 solves a problem which caused a wrong text display if the user did not have enough writing permissions.

25. August 2006

TextDynamic V1.22 - is now available. The API has been improved and new commands have been added. (see API Memo.TextCommand, Memo.TextStrCommand).

17. July 2006

WPTools V5.20.7 is now available for registered customers. It includes a new event, improved scrolling and an improved RTF reader.

24. August 2006

WPViewPDF 1.27 improves the font handling even more. The .NET assembly also supports the LoadFromStream API. The bitmap support has been also improved, among other things support for 4 bit graphics has been added.

23. August 2006

WPTools V5.20.8 is now available for registered customers. It adds a new action to change the outer borders of a selection of table cells. Optionally it also copies HTML to the clipboard. The bullet/numbering handling has been imporved.

21. August 2006

wPDF V2.75 includes enhancements to the PDF conversion engine. The Arc and ArcTo GDI command is not supported. The VCL has been optimized for multi threaded use and tested on a 4 CPU high end server. We recommend to use the PLUS version in multi threaded applications, but the DLL version also passed the tests.

14. June 2006

WPTools V5.20.6 is now available for registered customers und also as demo version for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005 and Delphi 2006.

6. June 2006

TextDynamic V1.10 - now with new programmers reference manual as CMH file (check out the online version) - please visit the "categories". The reference contains new example code in Visual Basic and C#. The programming API has been carefully checked and improved. You can now create outlines with legal numbering, modify paragraphs in code without having to move the cursor, highlight words, create tables and hyperlinks inside fields when doing mail merge.

26. May 2006

WPViewPDF 1.25 now exports a new function "pdfPrint" which allows hassle free PDF printing withoutb the need to create a form or window. In .NET applications this function can be imported easily without the need to use any additional assembly.

20. May 2006

TextDynamic .NET and TextDynamic OCX is now available in Version 1.01.4. TextDynamic is not only a powerful replacement for the .NET richtextbox (richedit DLL) but a complete and full featured word processing component. It can be used with and without its integrated toolbar. The basis licenses (Euro 330.60 incl VAT) already includes support for mail merge, HTML, numbering, header/footer, paragraph styles and tables. Optionally integrated spellcheck and PDF export is available.

Please download or evaluation version from the download section. This version adds some useful API functions to check for fields and links at the current position or position under mouse cursor. In introduces a new evaluation system - the demo will work for 45 days, if more time is required temporary licenses can be installed.

17. May 2006

WPTools V5.20.5 - our first class word processing component for the VCL enviroment now works even more like the most used word processing application. This will improve the acceptance by the end user.
Also includes several improvements to the WPTools core. WPTools V5.20.5 is now available for registered customers. An updated demo is expected soon.

10. May 2006

TextDynamic .NET and TextDynamic OCX is now available in Version 1.01.
. The utility application which is used to customize the GUI has been optimized. Now also included is ultra fast PDF creation and a preview for the upcoming RTF reporting option.

20. March 2006

Now available for registered WPSpell Customers. WPSpell 1.20 includes better support for french language and includes other enhancements, such as a faster text parser and improved suggestion logic.

15. March 2006

TextDynamic V0.95 - a powerful word processing DLL with OCX and .NET interface goes into beta test #2.

14. February 2006

TextDynamic V0.90 - a powerful word processing DLL/OCX goes into beta test. At first for Visual Basic 6, later other development systems will be supported.

1. March 2006

WPTools V5.20.2 - new event to support hyperlinks in plain text (+ new demo), delete words with Ctrl+Delete, new demo to show how to print to a bitmap for automatic faxing. Now with custom paint event for the new page number hint. Improved CSS and section support.

11. February 2006

WPTools V5.20 is now available for registered customers. It includes nice new features, such as the page number hints as displayed in this image, and the automatically selection of mail merge fields.

6. February 2006

New order wizards for VCL and DLL products have been installed. From now on the following license types are available: Single, TEAM (2-6 developers) and SITE (7-20 developers)

31. January 2006

WPTools V5.19.7 is now available. It supports Delphi 2006 Upd 1 (Win32). The tables have been further improved. Tables may have special rows which are repeated at page start/end.

13. January 2006

WPViewPDF 1.21 now supports embedded fonts much better- The Delphi wrapper can now trigger events when user clicks on hyperlink.