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WPViewPDF V5 - view, edit and print PDF (VCL, .NET, ActiveX)

WPViewPDF V5 offers:

WPViewPDF can be used in Delphi (C++Builder) as VCL (32 and 64 bit), in VB6 as ActiveX and in .NET as WinForm assembly.
Also a fast JBIG2 conversion module is included.
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WPViewPDF, with improved interactive thumbnail view[/caption]

In the thumbnail view it is possible to select pages - the program can add a menu to delete or save pages. Use drag&drop to move pages.


Features in wPDF V5:

+ support for different pen styles
+ improved text rendering
+ fontmodes: wpEmbedType3 - create type3 fonts which are very compact
+ fontmode: wpEmbedCIDFonts - select the CID Font "unicode" mode which was added to wPDF 3
+ Info.CopyrightNotice, Info.CopyrightURL and Info.CopyrightPublicDomain
+ DrawPNGFile. This methods exports a PNG file. It requires the PDF Engine to be able to decode PNG.
+ DrawPNG: This method exports PNG data. It requires the PDF Engine to be able to decode PNG.
+ file attachments
+ information to the PDF XMP metadata
+ Support For Delphi XE6
+ Support For Delphi XE7
+ Support For Delphi XE8
+ Support For Delphi 10
+ Support For Delphi 10.1
+ Support For Delphi 10.2
+ Support For Delphi 10.3
+ Support For Delphi 10.4
+ Support For Delphi 11
+ Support For Delphi 12

Link to wPDF 5 upgrade page

wPDF 5 trial download page.


WPTools 9.3:

WPTools 9.3 supports Delphi 12.


You can download the WPTools 9 manual here: WPTools Manual (PDF)
WPTools supports Delphi 7,2006,2009,2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 11 - the pro version includes 64 bit compatibility.
WPTools is a powerful RTF and HTML VCL for Delphi. It can be used to implement word processing, automatic document creation, mass mailing, text viewing.
With its table support you can implement a spread sheet application. Because of its architecture you can also use it to display data from records using collapsible bands.
Optionally native support for DocX reading and writing is available.

Version 9.3 improves nearly every aspect of WPTools but keeps the compatibility to WPTools 9.2, 9.1 and 8.

It now includes an embedded SVG rendering engine which is not only used for the toolbar icons and the ruler, but alos by the dedicated TWPSVGImage control.

WPTools 9.3 fully supports colored Emojis.


WPTools premium offers a compact yet effective way to substitute variables within a string - we are confident that this feature has multiple applications. With the premium license of V9.3 also the much enhanced WPSpell V2 is included.

The API has been enhanced to allow more compact code.

To order upgrades please visit: WPTools Update

The buttons in the toolbar are now rendered from a SVG using an embedded SVG interpreter.

WPTools 9.1 supports colored Emoji!

The WPTools "TextProducer" component ("Bundle" and "Premium" editions).


wPDFControl and wRTF2PDF/TextDynamic Server:

The new PDF Engine supports Type3 font embedding to reduce PDF file size and better support for Asian fonts.

Most importantly, 64bit and Unicode versions of the engine DLLs are now available. Threaded use has been optimized and can be tested with the included demo application.

There is a demo edition in the download section.

RTF2PDF / TextDynamicServer now also loads and save files in DocX format.